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European researchers announce fusion energy record

EUROfusion experiments lay groundwork for future fusion devices

Record results announced on Wednesday 9 February 2022 are the clearest demonstration in a quarter of a century of the potential for fusion energy to deliver safe and sustainable low-carbon energy.

Researchers from the EUROfusion consortium – 4,800 experts, students and staff from across Europe, co-funded by the European Commission – used the Joint European Torus (JET) device to release a record 59 megajoules of sustained fusion energy.

This achievement on JET, the largest and most powerful operational tokamak in the world at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) site in Oxford, more than doubles the previous fusion energy record of 21.7 megajoules set there in 1997. It comes as part of a dedicated experimental campaign designed by EUROfusion to test over two decades’ worth of advances in fusion and optimally prepare for the start of the international ITER project.

The record and the scientific data from these crucial experiments are a major boost for ITER, the larger and more advanced version of JET. ITER is a fusion research project based in the south of France. Supported by seven members – China, the European Union, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the USA – ITER aims to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy.

As pressures mount to address the effects of climate change through decarbonising energy production, this success is a major step forward on fusion’s roadmap as a safe, efficient, low carbon means of tackling the global energy crisis.

Read more in the full press release, including quotes by fusion experts and government officials from the EU and UK.

JET Torus Hall


Building a casing with plexiglass inlay for Heidi’s ukelele.


Jos Spelmans


Ashes to Ashes

Jos Spelmans, aka Stelhans aka Grunt is niet meer.

The swing don’t die. The party goes on till the Bonzo’s are gone! Bedtime for Bonzo.

Bedtime for Bonzo artikel in de Joepie van 6/4/1985
Bey Bey

Coenagrionidae Garden


Elke zomer dartelen een honderdtal waterjuffers rond de vijver in onze tuin. Blauwe, groene, rode en bruine. De verschillende afwisseling van zwarte ringen op hun achterlijf lijkt wel een barcode.

Dit jaar zijn het er merkbaar minder. Ik denk dat er nu teveel goudvissen in de vijver zijn want die lusten wel de sappige eitjes van waterjuffers.

Tsja, die goudvissen, die kweken er ook op los natuurlijk. Misschien tijd om enkele uit te delen?

© 2021, Leo Raymaekers.

Every summer about a hundred damselflies frolic around the pond in our garden. Blue, green, red and brown. The different alternation of black rings on their abdomen looks like a bar code.

This year there are noticeably fewer. I think there are too many goldfish in the pond now as they do like juicy eggs from damselflies.

Well, those goldfish, they breed to their hearts’ content too, of course. Maybe time to hand out some?


Alium uitgebloeid

Ook uitgebloeid zijn Aliums een mooie verschijning in de tuin.

Na de zomer hangen we ze ondersteboven om te drogen. Met hun lange stengel en grote bloemkop zijn ze uitermate geschikt voor spectaculaire droogbloemstukken.

We hebben er elk jaar op overschot. Wil je er enkele, laat het weten via het contact formulier.

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Paul Hamesse, Belgian architect

Paul Hamesse (1877 – 1956) was a Belgian architect and interior designer who mainly designed in the Art Nouveau style.

He designed our house in 1911 for his friend Henri Meunier (1873-1922) who was a painter, etcher, illustrator and bookbinder.

On Wikipedia you can read more about

Paul Hamesse in Dutch or French

Henri Meunier in Dutch or French

Internet Web hosting

Site49 moved to WordPress

Our website was hosted by Skynet aka Belgacom aka Proximus for more than 20 years. The free web hosting service was included in their premium internet subscription. No more. As of May 1 2021 Proximus decided to start billing €50 per month.

So we parted with Proximus and moved to WordPress Premium at €8 per month!